hàng Mới Về) Thiết Bị Lọc Không Khí Mini Đeo Cổ Tiện Dụng Cho Người Già Và Trẻ Nhỏ

elcome to my store,. ✔Ready to send ✔High quality ✔Best price ✔Brand new 100% ✘NO Price ✘NO Receipt ✘NO Shopee Logo ✘NO Supplier Info ☞Tips: Follow shop/ Click“Like”Item: . Attach Photos in 5 star comment: We will give you special gift next time. *The number of clearance products is limited. Please wait patiently after placing the order. *The model will be replaced when the clearance product is . If you mind, please do not purchase this product. ————————- ♥ Product Introduction ♥ ————————- Feature: -Purify the air, negative ions have negative charges, indicating negative electricity. When negative ions encounter dust and other particles in the air, the positive and negative ions will gather together, so as to agglomerate dust and other substances, increase the weight of dust, and make it fall on the ground.

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